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Why Use Aluminum Foil Packaging

Why Use Aluminum Foil Packaging

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Protect your products and enjoy iconic marketing solutions with aluminum foil packaging. Foil flexible packaging comes in a variety of designs and offers significant benefits for your company and your products. Read on to discover how choosing foil as your packaging material can help you improve your food, medical or industrial products.

Advantages of Aluminum Foil Packaging

Aluminum is a durable material that can be used to line packages and seal your products. Here are the main advantages of using this material for your products:

  • Oxygen, light and odor barrier
  • Temperature-resistant packaging
  • Flexible sizing
  • Bacteria-resistant material
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Iconic colors and printing

Oxygen and light exposure can dramatically reduce the shelf life of many products. Don’t expose your pharmaceutical or food offerings to bacteria or oxygen, but seal them with foil packaging. This encourages stores to order more of your products.

An aluminum foil food package can be safely heated in an oven. As long as you don’t use a foil-lined paper product or other option, you can create packaging that serves as a heating tray for your customers.

Foil can be manufactured in virtually any dimension. It’s very easy to adjust the length, width and thickness of material, allowing you to customize your packaging to fit your items and your marketing strategy.

Many packages allow bacteria and odors to pass through, even when sealed. Aluminum is a great barrier for both harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors. An odor barrier is useful if your product has a strong odor or can easily take on surrounding smells.

Thanks to bulk manufacturing strategies, aluminum costs and the extended lifetime of foil-packaged products, this manufacturing solution allows you to cut down on your supply costs. Grow your business by lowering production costs when you choose foil as your packaging material.

Help your products stand out with expertly designed packages. Bags, pouches and other foil packaging can come in a wide range of colors and be printed with your chosen marketing material and product specifications. The shape, color and design of your aluminum packaging is entirely in your control, giving you the resources you need for eye-catching designs.

Features of Foil Packaging

This packaging solution is relatively new in the United States, but many European manufacturers have been using foil for some time. Whether pure foil or a laminate product, these materials are at the cutting edge of food-safe solutions.

One of the main benefits of this material solution is its diverse features. You don’t have to use pure aluminum foil to wrap your items for industrial, food or medical use. Instead, consider foil-lined flexible packaging.
Foil lining can be tailored to your particular product and used with multiple materials. Use it with a paper exterior, adhesive or organic solution. Because of the flexibility of foil, you can customize the inner and outer layers to fit your specifications.

Modern printing gives you complete control of the design of your packaging. Create vibrant labels using bold colors and iconic images to help your products stand out. For industrial and medical items, labels provide the necessary information to protect consumers.

Not every foil package manufacturer can offer these features and benefits. When choosing a co-packer, make sure you discuss your packaging problems and logistical situation to verify that they have the capabilities you need.

Packaging for the Food Industry

There are a diverse range of packaging materials and designs for your food products. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your options, or looking for a new way to keep contents fresh, consider foil. Here are some benefits of this versatile material for food industry use:

  • Custom packaging sizes
  • Extended product lifetime
  • Low-cost solution

Choose foil packaging for food products to keep out bacteria and enjoy enhanced odor protection. Candy, dairy products and coffee are popular options for foil packaging, but there are many other suitable food industry products.

Aluminum isn’t recommended for use with salty or acidic foods. Aluminum ions can affect these products if stored in direct contact. For best results, use a composite film lining to enjoy the benefits of aluminum without the risk of dissolving aluminum ions.

Options for Industrial Packaging

Keep your company moving forward with the pinnacle of industrial packaging. Here are some key benefits of choosing foil for your industrial products:

  • Bulk order capabilities
  • Customizable size and label designs
  • Streamlined manufacturing process

Industrial products need to be protected from odors, fumes and other adverse environmental factors. Package these products with foil flexible packaging to maintain product integrity and OEM standards. While industrial products may not need to be wrapped in food-safe packaging, they do need to arrive at client locations without being compromised.

Industrial products may not come with expiration dates, but they can still be affected by bacteria, oxygen and light. Foil is a flexible solution to industrial packaging demands. Choose this cost-effective, fully customizable solution for a prototype or bulk order of industrial components.

Benefits of Medical Foil Packaging

Just like food products, it’s crucial to keep medical products safe from the effects of bacteria and oxygen exposure. Find dynamic medical packaging solutions with foil to enjoy these benefits:

  • Sterile packaging
  • Easy-open packaging
  • Composite laminate solutions to avoid aluminum ion exposure

Pharmaceuticals and other medical products demand the same level of product safety. Order foil bags or other flexible packaging to protect vitamins and supplements from the adverse effects of oxygen and light.

Medical foil packaging doesn’t just protect these materials, but also offers a great way to customize packaging. Pharmaceuticals must include a long list of warnings, recommendations and information about the contents. Failure to do so could put consumers at risk. Order custom packaging that includes all the necessary information for your medical products.

Order Foil Packaging Today

Don’t let poor packaging damage your products or hold your company back. Request a quote from Maco PKG to enjoy affordable custom foil packaging for your industry. Explore our custom solutions and discuss your product specifications to receive the industry solution you deserve. Discuss your packaging requirements with our design team today for industry-leading solutions.

Flexible Packaging for Food

The Top Five Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Food Manufacturers

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Today, top flexible packaging companies utilize innovative technologies that will set your product line ahead of the competition. 

From stand-up pouches to folded bottom and single serve pouches, food manufacturers have many options at their fingertips. 

Just what makes flexible packaging a great choice for your product offerings? Let’s explore the top five benefits of using flexible packaging for your product distribution strategy.

Flexible Packaging for Food

Flexible packaging clearly has many benefits for companies and consumers alike. Here’s a closer look at those top five benefits of flexible packaging for food manufacturers. 

Marketing Ability

The packaging around your product may be the first impression a consumer has of your offering. Flexible packaging is conducive to endless design possibilities. It can be constructed into any shape or size, and can be created to stand up or lay flat. 

The material also acts as the perfect canvas for eye-catching graphic design. Make your product stand out with a gloss matte or soft touch finish.

The ability to make design a prominent feature of your packaging affords you better brand recognition. With the right packaging, your product will stand out on the supermarket shelf, and can increase your sales overall


One of the other endearing aspects of flexible packaging is the functional benefit for the consumer. Because the material is, for lack of a more original word, “flexible,” you can seal useful features into it, such as spouts or zip locks

A bag that you can reseal without needing a chip clip makes it easy and convenient to keep food fresh. 

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You may be surprised to learn that the flexible packaging of today is also eco-friendly

Flexible packaging uses fewer resources to produce. Many materials used can even be recycled or reused. 

The lightweight and compact nature of flexible packages make it easier to transport more of them using less fuel. 

Cost Effectiveness

The eco-friendly attributes of flexible packaging are what make these products cost effective as well. Because less materials are needed to produce flexible packages, they cost less. 

Even a bag constructed of multilayer films will cost less, as this creates a superior barrier that protects products from environmental conditions.

You can even put more product in a flexible package versus a traditional package. This cuts back on manufacturing costs. 

Finally, it costs less to transport packages that weigh less. 

Food Preservation

Flexible packaging is designed to be airtight. This quality makes it an excellent choice for preserving the contents within. Food goods are protected from environmental elements such as moisture, temperature, sunlight, and pests. Even after opening, features like a zip lock help keep the freshness in. 

As mentioned earlier, flexible packages are quite durable, and less prone to damage. Packages that stay intact will keep the food contained fresher for much longer. 

This may go without mentioning, but food exposed to the elements can spoil easily, and tarnish the reputation of your brand. Even worse, food that’s not at its freshest can pose the risk of food-borne illness. 

Choose flexible packaging to protect your customers and your brand reputation from stale goods. 

Is Flexible Packaging Right for Your Brand?

The flexible packaging experts at Maco PKG can help you find out.  We offer custom solutions and the best advice that the industry has to offer.

Maco offers both pre-made pouches and co-packing services to allow our customers flexibility. 

Call us today at +1-315-226-1000 or request a FREE quote and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

Would Your Product Benefit From Flexible Packaging?

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Consumer preferences have shifted over the past decade, with more customers than ever preferring simplified packaging that also reduces the waste associated with buying goods. This trend has been especially pronounced in the grocery market, but you can also see a shift toward flexible shipping materials in all kinds of delivery retail services.

If you’re weighing whether you should make the shift to flexible packaging, consider both its advantages and best practices, and consider whether your goods would do better in a flexible container.

What Is Flexible Packaging?
This kind of packaging covers a whole class of materials and construction designs. Simply put, it’s any kind of packaging for goods that can flex and bend during packing and shipping. It can include pouches and bags.

Rigid packaging, on the other hand, includes boxes and case materials, as well as anything else that is built to be sturdy and retain its shape.

What Are the Advantages of Flexible Packaging?
Today’s consumer preferences add additional advantages to flexible packaging, beyond the resilience and strength of its design. Using pouches to deliver soft or flexible foodstuffs like rice, soup mixes, honey, sugar, and dry baked mixes, for example, means delivering the product in a strong but soft container that allows it to absorb jostles and compression by changing shape. For rigid, breakable goods like chips and crackers, care in handling is needed, but flexible materials allow for minimal waste. Additional air can protect from damage by inflating the bag materials slightly, reducing the chance of damage.

Do You Need a Source for Flexible Packaging?
If you’re looking for a packaging supplier who can work with you to find the best flexible packaging options for your products, Maco Packaging can work with you to build the perfect packaging for your product. Contact our team today to request a quote for your custom packaging.

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Are you trying to determine if pouch packaging is right for your food product? A lot of factors impact the success of your product’s sales, and packaging is one major example – including its cost, durability, functionality, and effect on the environment. The packaging you eventually select should highlight your product’s value, safely transport your product, protect it from outside contamination, and effectively persuade end users to purchase.

Successful flexible packaging maximizes the retail value of the product while minimizing space, volume, and weight. The smaller and lighter the packaging, the cheaper the transportation costs. How can your packaging reflect these principles all at once? Read More

Maco Pkg Partners with Dow to Bring PacXpert to North America

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Maco Pkg Partners with Dow to Bring PacXpert to North America


Newark, NY – Maco Pkg is partnering with The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow) to manufacture PacXpert™ Technologies—an innovative form of flexible packaging that is changing the landscape for retail shelves and wholesale packaging.  The partnership will address the growing demand for convenient and sustainable packaging solutions in North America. Read More

A Powerful Product Receives Powerful Packaging

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Badass Power Cookie

When the Badass Power Cookie was first created, corporate owners were not convinced this nutritious yet delicious seaweed-baked cookie could survive in retail.

How Can a Cookie Pack a Punch?

Because the cookie contains spirulina, a blue-green algae filled with vitamins and nutrients, it has a bright, emerald green color – a factor that could deter potential buyers. The product needed packaging that could restore its aesthetic and visual appeal. The CEO conducted extensive research to find a packaging company that was attentive to specific needs and details.  Read More