With products as varied as lotions, gels, fragrances and fine powders, the packaging potential for health and beauty increases every year. Thanks to our isolated clean rooms, we ensure that your dry powders are never mixed with each other. We ensure quality every time.

We continually research for innovative ways to manufacture efficient and organic packaging for health and beauty products. Maco PKG pays attention to detail and enthusiastically goes beyond the expected. Some of our services that cater directly to this industry include liquid filling and powder, dry filling.

For practicality, we create our packaging to accommodate any viscosity. We analyze the width of the mouth opening to increase user friendliness so they don’t have a hard time pouring out the contents. Our easy-to-grip bottles easily conform to the shape of a hand.

For aestheticism, we create your personalized edge to stand out from your competitors. Your audience needs to see your logo displayed in a prominent place, so we incorporate your logo into the package itself by incorporating your logo colors into the plastic to increase brand recognition.

We package promotional samples of your health and beauty product to provide free trials. For trade show giveaways, we manufacture minimized packaging of our product to increase user experience and loyalty.

liquid filling