valve bags

Have a Heavy-Duty Product?

Is your product heavy and sensitive to contamination? Is it prone to spilling when dropped? Then a valve bag or pouch may be your best packaging solution. At Maco PKG, we are committed to provide you with the right valve bag filler for your specific needs and requirements.

Valve Bags Applications

Our valve bag fillers are used for filling sand, cement, mulch, flour, rice, powders, and much more. Valve bag filling an efficient way to fill and close bags in a way that prevents any chance of leaking. Whether you need valve bags for your cement industry or agricultural industry, we supply high quality valve bags that are designed and manufactured to your specifications.

Variety & Versatility

Perfect for industrial and commercial usage, Maco valve bags are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, thickness and patterns. Our valve bags present you with the option to produce multiple varieties of your product in case you wish to market more than one option. When it comes to heavy packaging items, like cement and bulk rice, you will receive the chance to pick out how you want that package to look. Also, you will be able to choose the thickness of your valve pouch to ensure that your product does not break loose or become easily damaged.

Durability & Design

Speaking of damage, our excellent quality valve bags are lightweight, strong and durable. Designed to fill and close securely, our valve bags prevent the contents from leakage. Most importantly, our valve bag is completely sealed on all sides except for the opening in the corner so that materials can be filled and poured out. This style eliminates any chance of spilling. It is an efficient way for packaging and parceling large orders since it saves time.

Why Choose Maco’s Valve Bags?

Our specifically designed valve bags will increase the value of your product. Its superior functionality serves as an ideal solution for a wide range of products. Valve bags minimize waste and dust problems while offering excellent packing for foodstuffs and other sensitive products. In other words, when you choose valve bags as your packaging solution, you will never be disappointed.