Medical Blister Packing Streamlines Your Process

Do you require blister packing for your medical application? We know the packaging process backwards and forwards. If you manufacture medical devices and equipment, you know the importance of a smooth, sterile production process. We understand your need for speed, as well as efficiency at a practical cost.

Advantages of Medical Blister Packing

How do we make things faster and easier for you? For decades, we’ve met strict manufacturing standards for multiple niche industries. Our knowledgeable staff has a gamut of technical expertise, and are ready and waiting to partner with you to design and create packaging for your medical needs that are both cost-effective and efficient. One of our most popular medical options is blister packing for drugs and capsules.
So what does it look like to partner with us? Simply send us your product requirements and we take care of the rest! We’ll hash out a design that will suit your medical product and suggest cost-effective solutions to help your budget. With our 200,000 sq. ft. facility we can offer you warehousing for your medical materials.
Another great advantage of choosing Maco PKG is delivery. We serve clients from North and South America, Europe, and Asia. That means we can handle deliveries of your products wherever they may need to go and will be just in time!

What is Blister Packing?

There are two forms of blister packing. Thermoform blistering is the process of heating a protective film, then shaping it to create an airtight seal for a particular kind of capsule or drug.

Cold form blistering, on the other hand, uses foil to accomplish the same purpose while providing stronger protection for water-sensitive pharmaceuticals. The goal is to create the kind of protective packaging that is convenient for both medical personnel and the patient to use.

Why Maco PKG?

We take pride in collaborating with customers like you to create packaging specifically for your needs. In fact, we’ve been doing just that for more than 80 years, and we put those decades of experience to good use in providing customized but affordable packaging options. Here are a few reasons for you to consider Maco PKG:

  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • We adhere to cGMP and cGLP standards and use current ASTM Standards
  • Our facility has three testing labs to ensure that quality standards are always used
  • Our 200,000-square-foot facility includes warehousing for your medical materials, if needed
  • We deliver to customers worldwide

Ready to get started? Call 315-226-1000 or contact us online. We look forward to learning about your specifications and packaging requirements.

Price of Blister Medical Packaging

We analyze step-by-step pricing to arrive at the most cost-effective option for your budget. In creating customized blister packing for you, we start by listening to the objectives you have for your packaging. We talk about properties, characteristics and the end use for the product.

Next, we take that information to our engineers, who explain what each step will cost. High pricing may be expected for customized solutions in the packaging industry because both the consultation and prototype phases are included, along with the actual manufacturing.

Medical Packaging Capabilities:

  • Secure barrier envelopes (for imaging devices)
  • Blister Packing (for capsules and pills)
  • Autoclavable bags (to sterilize instruments)
  • Pouches (to hold joint-replacement parts)
  • Specialty foil lids (for instrument trays)
  • Multi-layer and leak-proof pouches that withstand high pressure,
  • Contamination-proof bags (that can be mailed)
  • Nonwoven applications (for decontamination purposes)
  • Many more!! (including custom solutions)

Also, our linear tear film bags (available in an array of sizes and styles, printed or plain) are perfect for packaging disposable products such as I.V. Sets, Filters, Drapes, and more. Learn more about why blister packaging is great for medical products.

Partner With Us

We like challenges. We’ve built our business on them, and we invite your inquiries. We hope you’ll find Maco PKG to be the kind of blister packing partner you’ve been looking for.

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