Photo Packaging Isn’t Easy… for Inexperienced Converters

Let’s face it. Photography is a delicate category in all aspects – from managing film, to packaging and ensuring safe storage. For the inexperienced converter, photographic applications can be among the most difficult. All facets of the production process must be carefully monitored to ensure a finished product that is leak-proof, light-proof, and photographically inert. Double wall bags are photographers’ choice.

Why Choose Maco PKG for Photo Packaging?

Thanks to our base in Rochester, NY,  we have accumulated over 45 years experience in photographic packaging. For example, we have done photographic packaging for Carestream, Kodak, and Xerox. Packaging for Rochester has its advantages when it comes to the long history of photographic materials needed by these companies.

3 Common Types of Photographic Packaging We Offer

  • Dental imagining packaging
  • X-ray packaging
  • Black photo grade polyethylene

Photographic Packaging

Figuring out how to package for difficult things is our specialty.