Sustainable Packaging

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is the process of manufacturing materials and packaging designs that preserve the environment. This type of packaging meets present packaging needs without compromising future economy. It reduces the impact packaging materials have on the environment by incorporating biodegradable materials and producing economical packaging designs that efficiently manage time, shelf space, and investments. We research and analyze the process of sustainable packaging to implement the most practical, economical methods for individual products.

Environmental & Marketing Benefits

When you apply sustainable packaging to your product, you’ll help decrease carbon footprinting by utilizing recyclable and biodegradable materials. This type of packaging benefits both the lifecycle of the environment and your business as well. Some products require certain environmental processes to be met by regulators. Meeting them with sustainable packaging will help your product become more marketable and attractive to consumers and the public eye.

Earth-Friendly Supplies

Maco PKG considers sustainable packaging approaches where applicable and have suppliers that provide earth-friendly flexible materials. For example, we work closely with qualified suppliers of:

  • Bio-poly
  • PLA
  • Bio-laminations
  • Dissolvable sealable paper materials

Using these renewable resources promotes a healthy lifecycle. For example, PLA (polylactide) is made using corn – which can be replanted every year. PLA requires only a small amount of energy to produce, especially compared to other plastics (thus, reducing carbon footprinting). Another example, dissolvable sealable paper, is made of cellulose – meaning it is wholly recyclable, does not contain toxins, and is biodegradable. Some of the listed resources can be applied to oil-based products, and some items have a relatively short shelf-life. Nevertheless, all of these products are earth-friendly.

Choose Maco PKG for Sustainable Packaging

Allow our packaging specialists to develop an earth-friendly package for you. Maco PKG will assist you in selecting sustainable packaging that has appropriate availability, is cost-effective, and will provide efficient performance. For more information, request a quote or contact: Gus Castle +1 (315) 226-1062.