Our Capabilities

Experts in flexible packaging, Maco PKG is a bag and pouch manufacturer and contract packaging partner. We have put in place numerous capabilities to provide the most value to our customers and to be your one-stop for flexible packaging needs.

Maco PKG: Bag and Pouch Division

Maco manufactures bags and pouches in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms designed to meet our customers’ unique needs. No pouch is too difficult for us; we’ve produced printed pouches, 3-D bags, bottom gusset bags, side gusset bags, and bottom fold pouches for various clients.

Our manufacturing process can:

  • Work with tape and adhesives
  • Install zippers, tear notches, and hang holes
  • Offer 1 color inline printing

We have 13 custom high-speed pouch machines that can produce pouches as small as 1″ x 1″ up to bags that can cover a tractor-trailer and offer custom die-cut shapes and die-cut discs.

Specializing in barrier pouches, we stock over $2 million worth of films which means we can offer low minimums on high barrier material.

Maco PKG: Contract Packaging Division

Maco is also an efficient and cost-effective contract packaging partner. We work with our customers to co-pack their products, reducing their overhead and ensuring the packaging is done right. 

Our contract packaging division includes 9 humidity-controlled food packaging rooms, 4 liquid lines (2 rigid plastic container lines and 2 flexible pouch lines), and blending and mixing capabilities.

We specialize in packaging both powders and liquids. We have experience with brown sugar, baking soda, protein powder, sugar, and other sweeteners, and we have run honey, liquid sweeteners, liquid protein, and many more liquid products. 

We are always prepared and willing to grow and expand with our customers. Our co-packing services are perfect for product manufacturers who:

  • Need to reduce in-house packing costs
  • Need to use one of our state-of-the-art machines
  • Want to introduce new concepts but don’t have experience in packing the new concept
  • Are expanding their product line without expanding their facilities