Packaging for the Military Since WWII

Since World War 2, Maco PKG has partnered with multiple agencies to provide the United States Military with custom and roll-film packaging for their needed products and items. Following strict guidelines and detailed regulations, Maco adheres to all government mandates, which is why we’re excited to be chosen again and again for a vast amount of military packaging projects.

No Limits to Mil-Spec Packaging

Unlike other converters, we aren’t limited when it comes to Mil-Spec Packaging (Military Specification Packaging). In fact, we can provide the entire range of Mil-PRF products. For example, we provide packaging for the military in many different forms, such as (among others):

  • Shrouds
  • Barrier material
  • Pouches
  • Raw and converted material
  • M295 decontamination mitt

We provide packaging materials for the military at affordable prices at your desired quantity. Whether you need to meet the requirements of either custom specifications or a government contract, we make your needs a priority. Our prices, among the most competitive in the industry, remain as low as reasonably possible.

mil-spec packaging

Learn more about Maco’s Mil-Spec Packaging possibilities here:
Military Packaging (431 KB)

How Maco Does Mil-Spec Packaging

During the prototype stage, we analyze the requirements of your military packaging and work with you to create a solution. We help you choose appropriate materials, decide what qualities the packaging should have based on the end use, and create a package perfect for your military product.

With our qualified material suppliers, we provide a wide variety of packaging materials including foils, kraft paper, and barrier material that prevents moisture, grease, or other impurities from contaminating your product. Since we’re thoroughly versed in Mil-Specs, simply call (+1-315-226-1000) or email us with the specification numbers you have been provided and we will assist you in identifying the appropriate material for your application.