What is contract packaging?

Contract packaging, also known as co-packing, is a partnership with a third party packaging company that has all the appropriate packaging equipment to pack your product. Maco’s co-packing and assembly capabilities include automatic cartoning, blister packing, shrink wrapping, labeling, folding, kit assembly, and more!

With our 240,000 square foot facility, we offer storage, sorting, mixing, and assembly work for your products and materials. With us, you can optimize your packaging efforts at competitive prices. You’ll receive three unique advantages:

1. Reduce In-House Costs

When your business lacks a steady workflow, in-house assembly and packing work can be cost-prohibitive. When your business is sporadic, hire us to reduce in-house costs. We maximize your profits while maintaining your regular workflow.

2. Introduce New Concepts

Contract packaging with us makes introducing new product concepts incredibly easy. Perhaps the product you want to release to the market is unfamiliar to your manufacturing and packaging team. Or maybe you don’t have one at all! We offer co-packing services, including the designing and prototype stages, to bring your product concept to fruition.

3. Extend Product Line

Your business may be ready to extend your product line, but you are unable to extend your facility. Contract packaging with us allows you to increase your product options without spending the time and money to expand your facility. We’ll increase your company’s product offerings and simultaneously save you precious resources.

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Maco’s Co-Packing Capabilities Include (but are not limited to):

Automatic cartoning
Bottle Filling
Blister Packing
Shrink Wrapping
Form, fill & seal
Pad printing
Custom Labeling
Organic Solutions

Bag loading
Kit assembly
Heavy Duty Packing

contract packaging

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