Contract Packaging

Contract Packing Services

Maco PKG's Outsource Assembly and Co-packing Services

Contract packaging, also known as co-packing, is a partnership with a third party packaging company that has all the appropriate packaging equipment to pack your product. Maco’s co-packing and assembly capabilities include automatic cartoning, blister packing, shrink wrapping, labeling, folding, kit assembly, and more!

With our 240,000 square foot facility, we offer storage, sorting, mixing, and assembly work for your products and materials. With us, you can optimize your packaging efforts at competitive prices. You’ll receive three unique advantages:

1. Reduce In-House Costs

When your business lacks a steady workflow, in-house assembly and packing work can be cost-prohibitive. When your business is sporadic, hire us to reduce in-house costs. We maximize your profits while maintaining your regular workflow.

2. Introduce New Concepts

Contract packaging with us makes introducing new product concepts incredibly easy. Perhaps the product you want to release to the market is unfamiliar to your manufacturing and packaging team. Or maybe you don’t have one at all! We offer co-packing services, including the designing and prototype stages, to bring your product concept to fruition.

3. Extend Product Line

Your business may be ready to extend your product line, but you are unable to extend your facility. Contract packaging with us allows you to increase your product options without spending the time and money to expand your facility. We’ll increase your company’s product offerings and simultaneously save you precious resources.

Why Use a Contract Packager

Contract packaging services are an excellent way to save on staffing hours and specialty packing expenses by collaborating with a company that already has this equipment and can share costs through co-packing.

It’s common for packaging efforts to occur on a short-term basis but require a high-volume of packaging during that timeframe, which can be difficult for smaller product runs or manufacturers that are releasing unique packaging for a new line of products.

Contact packaging services allows greater flexibility in this process, dividing that labor to produce higher volumes in a shorter amount of time. Whether it’s as simple as stamping a bar code sticker onto your packaging, or as intense as full-service assembly and filling, we can help you get your products out the door.


Maco’s Co-Packing Capabilities Include (but are not limited to):

  • Automatic cartoning
  • Bottle Filling
  • Blister Packing
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Form, fill & seal

Food Packaging

We can handle anything from powder and particular filling, to bottle, pouch, and sachet filling. Whether you are working with spices, energy shots, or cartons of items, we can help you fulfill your primary and secondary food packaging with fast turnaround and high-volume production.

Food packaging requires safe handling and frequently cleaned materials to avoid cross-contamination with potential allergens. For more information about your products and your allergen requirements, fill out a quote form or give us a call today.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging services include everything from clamshell RF sealing, repackaging, and shrink wrapping to hand assembly, seasonal gift assembly, and bundle wrapping. We work with you to determine your warehousing and fulfillment needs to make sure your products are packed to perfection and out the door on time to reach your customers.

Non-Food Packaging

Non-food packaging can include a range of services such as powder and liquid filling. We also have the equipment necessary to fulfill more specialized packaging types, including a range of bottle filling, pouch and sachet filling machines to automate time-consuming work and remove error.

This type of co-packaging is best for non-food items as the turnkey process is separate from our machines that handle food items, allowing fast turnover for high-volume production runs and raw material packaging.

Supplement Packaging

For supplements and other nutritional products that require filling packaging services, we can accommodate for both food and non-food items. For example, product filling into bottles and pouches works for snack items as well as tinctures, oils, tablets, and capsules.

This type of packaging can also include foil blistering for tablets and capsules, as well as liquid supplement filling into bottles. If needed, our team can also handle the production of thermoplastic packaging and branding or printing on foil blisters.

Contract Packaging Stages & Services

No matter if you’re looking to hire co-packing services for individual services, or for our team to work through an entire stage, we can help you.

The Design Stage – In-house team ready to help you design and prototype your products from vision to finalizing stages, optimizing your overall production time.

Inventory Management – Auditing and receiving of products and pre-produced components essential for packaging.

Printing and Production – Printing of materials for inclusion in the packaging, such as artwork, manuals, cards, and other types of printed stock.

Packaging Production –  Manufacturing packaging parts such as plastic slips, trays, thermoformed clamshells, and much more.

Packaging Assembly – Fulfillment of all packaging assembly, including any additional materials you might need such as sticker placement, coupon or manual inclusion, and careful product placement.

Warehousing and Distributing – We can also assist in organizing, storing, and distributing your packaged products once assembled.

For more information about how Mako PKG can help you with contract packing services and co-packing, request a quote or give us a call today at (315) 226-1000.