Stand-up Pouches

Highly Recognized in the Market for Their Superior Finish and Functionality

Maco PKG, a trusted name in the packaging and manufacturing industry, provides a wide range of flexible packaging options, including the most preferred stand-up pouch. We manufacture stand-up pouches, both with and without zippers, using materials such as foil, polythene, and paper. We stock these pouches in varying sizes and designs, both plain and printed, for supplying the broadest collection to our customers. Talk to us today to learn about our custom stand-up pouch solutions.

Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness

In a modern grocery store, there are dozens of options available for customers to choose from. While price may be a deciding factor for some, many customers are still forced to choose between several options that may – or may not –be a good option for their needs.

Even if a customer compares products, it’s difficult to decide on which to begin comparing. Good packaging can make a difference in their choice. Standard packaging simply doesn’t make the sales anymore, making customizable, standout packaging even more essential to manufacturers.

Exceptional products deserve exceptional packaging that helps it cut through the noise and grab your customers’ attention. At Maco PKG, we are dedicated to helping your brand stand out in a sea of sameness, elevating your brand while protecting your product and making your customer feel good about their purchase.

Stand-up Pouch Packaging Options

When it comes to choosing packaging for your product, there’s no doubt that the options available can be overwhelming.

Should you have high-barrier film, or is your product shelf-stable enough to maintain its freshness with regular, thinner film? These are the kind of questions that we are happy to ask so you don’t have to. By working with our team of packaging specialists, you can continue to focus on your job, manufacturing excellence with every product shipped.

At Maco PKG, we specialize in quality materials, including closures, working with you to choose a custom design that works best for your intended audience.

Your product isn’t one-size-fits-all, and with Maco PKG, neither is your packaging.

stand-up puch packaging

We offer a variety of material choices, such as clear plastics and biodegradable options, as well as a variety of closure mechanisms like ziplocks and velcro. If your product requires packaging that can handle liquids, our spouts ensure a no-mess experience for your customers.

  •  Spouted or fitment pouches – for easy opening and product use, whether you need top or corner-opening pouches.
  • Stand-up bottom gusset pouches – either inserted or folded for maximum stability
  • 3-sided or quad-sealed pouches – for a unique design that your customers are sure to love
  • Box and custom-shaped pouches – to truly showcase your brand’s unique value and catch the customer’s eye with a unique design that can assist with transitions from rigid packaging.

We also offer a range of closure options for products that don’t require a spout. The closure re-asserts your brand’s promise to quality and convenience, allowing the user to efficiently open the package and reseal it with ease. Any package’s closure is an essential aspect of the brand experience. If the closure doesn’t function well, it limits the rest of the package’s ability to sell the product, as the usage falls flat. Choose from the following options:

  • Zippered closures – as a classic choice that has withstood the test of time, zippered closures are considered standard in pouches.
  • Velcro closures – particularly desirable for products that would benefit from less noise or an audience that may struggle with other closure choices. Easy and convenient, Velcro closures offer a quieter experience, perfect for everything from pet food to baby products.
  • Specialized closures – don’t see a closure design here that your product needs? Our team can help you create a specialized closure that suits your brand’s needs exactly. Get in touch today to discuss all available options.

Pouch Gusset Seal Types

Pouch gusseting is another distinction that can set your product apart. This is the part of the material that allows the pouch to stand up, providing it with a stable bottom. While it contributes to the package’s structural integrity, it’s important that it presents your product in a visually appealing way on the shelf and during handling. The different gusset types we offered are specifically engineered to appeal to different brand styles and specific applications:

  • K-seals – named after the “K” shape that the packaging provides when viewed from the side, this type of seal is strong and versatile, providing an optimal balance of volume and stability on the shelf. This type of seal is less likely to wobble or fall over, a reliable option for heavy products like coffee or pet products. The angular design tends to create a modern appeal.
  • Custom designs – like other aspects of our packaging design, we can design a custom gusset seal that caters to your brands needs, truly allowing it to stand out (and up) from the competition.
  • Flat-bottom seals – can give your product a different appeal, lowering the amount of material used in the packaging. This is a very stable, multi-purpose choice for heavier products and can create a look of luxury to the product.
  • Doyen seals – these seals are much softer than the K-seal, creating a gentle appearance. This is excellent for powders or other lightweight products that might get stuck in packaging corners, enabling the user to use all the product available. As an elegant choice, it’s ideal for natural and holistic products.

While the choice of seals is ultimately yours, we are happy to provide design consultation and discuss the best packaging options for your product’s needs. Customer preferences, typical buyer experience, and product types play a major role in distinguishing one design as better than another.

We strive to create a holistic experience for your packaging solutions, partnering with you to establish a long working relationship, elevating your brand so you can expand your product line and grow your bottom line. Get in touch today for a custom quote or to learn more about additional features for our stand-up pouches.

Additional Features

We offer a range of additional features to help your product stand out. From mitered corners to venting features, you can count on us to produce a quality package that showcases your product in its best light.

  • Rounded or mitered corners with glossy or matte finishes – for enhancing a completely customizable brand appearance
  • Tear notches – for easy, convenient opening
  • Clear windows – for displaying the product’s quality in the store and monitoring remaining level of product
  • Venting – to ensure the product stays fresh and high-quality on the shelf, allowing the consumer to experience the full freshness of the product
  • Handle or hanger holes – for easy, convenient display in the store, elevating your product from a shelf and into specialized displays
  • Mechanical perforation – Basic perforation to enhance the product experience
  • Laser scoring and perforating – for enhanced perforation, creating a smooth and quality experience in opening the product.
  • Custom features not listed here are available upon request.

Fully Customized Stand-up Pouch Packaging

At Maco PKG, we take customization to a whole new level, working directly with you to turn your packaging into a signature statement that embodies your brand’s essence. Your ideas are the blueprint for our design process, so you are in control over your brand voice and position. Our team of experienced packaging designers then turn those ideas into a package prototype that’s as close to your vision as possible, taking into consideration features and design requests.

Every step of the way, we work together to navigate through the nuances of material choices. Do you need high-barrier films for extended shelf-life, or are you keen on exploring biodegradable options? Each material has its unique attributes that can amplify your brand message, and we ensure you make the most informed choice.

In product design, even the smallest details make a big difference. Whether it’s a unique texture or the visual appeal of matte or glossy finish, or a clever combination of both, we are here to help you make it happen. The finishing touches are where your brand voice resonates most clearly, serving as an interface between your product and your customer.

Finally, customization isn’t just about aesthetics and functionality; it’s also about ensuring your packaging meets industry-specific regulations. Whether it’s food safety, child-resistant features, or environmental certifications, our customized solutions adhere strictly to relevant compliance norms.

Brand Value of a Stand-up Pouch

Maco PKG is creating the future of packaging with sophisticated and customizable packaging solutions designed to sell. Your brand is an asset to your product, creating a visual experience that your customers can identify with the moment they lay eyes on the product.

Once they pick up the product, the package design makes the final sale. Whether it’s resealable closure for freshness or easy stand-up pouch design for more efficient storage, the customer begins imagining the ways this product could better their daily life.

From convenience to sustainability, the features of your packaging makes a difference in the consumer’s life. Distinctive pouches paired with showstopping brand design gives you an advantage over the competition, while the quality and features of the packaging speaks to its shelf life and consumer benefits. Our packages are easy to open, reseal, and store, grabbing the customer’s attention with a quality stand-up design.

It’s important to remember that you’re not just protecting the product or selling a flashy design but creating an experience for your customers. Stand-up pouches take up space on the shelf, making a statement with their exceptional utility. Each product will proudly proclaim its quality and sophistication, while your branding speaks to its target audience.

There is a significance to a product that is willing to be so bold, adding value to your branding and truly connecting with your target customers. This is what sets you and your product apart from the competition.

Ready to elevate your brand to the next level? Request a custom quote today and let us show you the transformative power of a stand-up pouch, tailored specifically for your product.

Preferred by Industries

Maco PKG’s stand-up pouches are highly regarded among name brand companies. Versatile and practical, they are easily recognized in the market. They function well on in-store shelves, both as an advertisement and as a protective package. Their great shelf presence makes them a favorite choice for packing a wide range of products. It is highly recommended for industrial products since they increase efficiency and minimize waste.

Pretty and Practical

To take advantage of the time your product spends on the store shelf, our wide range of stand-up pouches offers protection against moisture, gasses and light. Not only does our quality packaging extend the shelf life of the product and shelf appeal in the store, but it’s easier for the customer to open, carry, and store in their own home. It makes sense that the appearance of packages plays an important role for successful marketing, so we design our stand-up zipper to serve as a valuable market tool that starts working for you as soon as it’s on the retail shelf. On top of that, our packaging solutions have efficient weight carrying capabilities, made with high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology to meet your needs as a manufacturer.

Overall, flexible stand-up product packaging isn’t just pretty, but it’s practical and improves the consumer experience. With custom features for each pouch depending on your products needs, you can ensure your customers enjoy a wide range of benefits.

From “right-size” portions to product windows to showcase the product inside, it’s important to choose packaging that can better define your product as a quality purchase. At Maco PKG, we strive to help you do just that by offering only the best quality packaging at a reasonable price so you can continue to expand your product line and improve your business.

Converting from Rigid to Flexible Packaging?

Making the switch to flexible stand-up pouches from Maco PKG is a positive transformation that redefines your brand identity by improving your consumer’s experience. While rigid containers are often seen as more durable, advances in flexible packaging technology have made stand-up pouches highly effective in preserving product integrity.

High-barrier films, specialized seals, and other innovations ensure that your product remains fresh and safe during shipping, on grocery store shelves, and finally, the customer’s pantry.

Rigid packaging often involves materials like glass, hard plastics, or metal, which are not just heavier, increasing cost of shipping, but also bulkier. Additionally, flexible packaging prioritizes consumer convenience with features like resealable closures, tear notches, and ergonomic designs. This enriching experience can turn casual buyers into loyal brand advocates.

In contrast, flexible packaging is lightweight and takes up less space, allowing you to ship more products for the same cost. As your production scales, flexible packaging offers a more economically sustainable model for growth.

When you choose Maco PKG, you’re choosing more than a packaging solution, you’re choosing a partner to elevate your branding and create a connection with your customer. We are your partner in sales and consumer experience, creating opportunities for your business growth.

We offer turnkey solutions that make the transition from rigid to flexible packaging easy and impactful. If you’re thinking about whether making the switch is the right choice for your products, we invite you to request a custom quote and explore the game-changing advantages that flexible stand-up pouches can bring to your product line.