Maco PKG has a repeatedly proven reputation as a packaging company among a diverse range of industries. We service many name brands such as BASF (the biggest organization for chemical production in the world), Dow Chemical, Premix, and Scott Aviation. We’ve created packaging for thermostats, aircrafts and parts, and many chemicals.

Analyze, Research, then Success

With our knowledge and experience, we understand the technology that has to be a part of packaging harsh chemicals. Many materials decompose if exposed to certain chemicals. During our prototype stage, we analyze the chief components of each package and decide what kind of material can withstand which chemicals. The success of your packaging choice is our major concern, and we do all we can, even if it takes hours of analytic study and research, to ensure you have a quality package for your quality product.

Nearly Endless Materials

We continually stock our materials so we can manufacture and package your product as promptly as possible. Since we keep a hefty supply of materials, equipment, parts, attachments, and fittings on site at all times, we have the freedom to experiment with your packaging and attempt difference areas of emphasis, to achieve the maximum results. For example, our tubing stock contains over 100 size and gage combinations. We have the luxury to fit the bag to your product.

Quantity is no Quandary for Us

We take pride in the prestige our industry department has experienced in the past. For example, our styrene barrier bags have supplied the bulk and sheet molding compound industry for many years. Our loyal customers/clients often come back for our packaging expertise because they know they can depend on quality service as well as quantity, since we accept orders in any amount, from 1 to 1,000,000. We fully understand the demands of industrial packaging and we gladly accept the challenge.

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