Nutraceuticals supply the digestive system with needed nutrients and vitamins. Young athletes and the elderly alike invest in these nutrition-packed products that revamp their system to its highest potential. Similarly, Maco PKG provides nutraceutical packaging that makes YOUR product appear to its highest potential.

So Much Variety

Maco produces a diverse range of nutraceutical packaging, both liquid filling and dry. In addition to our energy/sport drinks, a top favorite, we also package squeezable fruit and vitamin pills. We provide packaging options that both contain and promote your product.

Made with a Purpose

We ensure our nutraceutical packaging adheres to its intended purpose. For example, we create our energy drinks with resealable closures so they can be easily transported on walks, hikes, or other exercising ventures. We emphasize extended shelf life, minimized space, and preserved freshness. Based on your requirements or preferences, we incorporate handles, dispensing attachments, and easily removable wrappers.

nutraceutical packaging

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The End-User Comes First

When we package nutraceuticals, we keep the end user in mind. That’s why we source and produce either flexible or rigid containers to package your products. As your partner from the testing market to full national launch, we analyze the overall purpose of your product and incorporate it into the packaging itself.


To protect the public from food contamination, we strictly enforce safety procedures. Maco PKG maintains rigorous standards associated with both Kosher and ISO Level 3 certifications. We always remain up to code. Our dedication rests with quality products within quality packaging.

Maco PKG’s Capabilities for Nutraceutical Packaging

Want to market your own product? We can design your personalized packaging. Need a product supplied? We blend, mix or acquire it for you. We provide on-pack containers for powerful free-trial promotions or trade show giveaways. Your needs are our wants.