With a culture continually inviting greater diversity in the food industry, your food product needs to stand out. The retail marketplace is a demanding place, especially with strict safety regulations, numerous competitors, and unpredictable audience participation. We design outstanding food packaging bags that successfully catch the attention of your audience and encourages them to engage with your product.

Why Maco PKG is Qualified

Maco PKG strictly enforces all stipulations related to the food industry, according to their many certifications. With qualifications such as ISO Level 3, AIB Superior Rating, Kosher, and Organic certified, Maco PKG regulates food safety through chase-ability and cleaning procedures. To prevent even miniscule contamination, Maco contains several cleaning rooms, creating highly monitored, safe environments for your food products, especially dry goods.

Eco Friendly Materials

We consider Sustainable Packaging approaches where applicable, analyzing the science and research associated with food packaging to better protect your product. Our suppliers provide earth friendly flexible materials that protect our environment from unnecessary waste. As we design your packaging, we ensure the components will not harm your product nor our eco system.

Packaging Innovations

We meet the demands of a continually changing, innovative food industry. That’s why we offer a large selection of options, such as paperboard/pouches, poly bags, stand-up pouches, and barrier bags that can be printed up to six colors. In addition, we combine types of packaging to make your product look unique and set apart.

Endless Options

With over 30 production lines, our company provides unlimited options. We package both dry and liquid foods into any size and of any temperature. As we consider your product parameters, we design packaging that protects against bacteria. Our hot-fill capabilities can, when needed, sanitize your product in order to meet specification. If your desired package design doesn’t already exist in the marketplace, we will help you create the ideal packaging that is as irresistible as your food product within.

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