When you need electronics packaging for your devices and products, Maco knows that you need applications that have anti static or conductive properties. We are familiar with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Metal Oxide Semiconductor (M.O.S.) technology and understand the delicacy of their packaging requirements. Our full range of packaging materials will provide your products with the level of protection needed, while remaining within your cost and packaging time constraints.

Protect Your Electronics from ESD Damage

The production, processing, shipping, and storing of electronics can result in electrostatic discharges. Your sensitive electronic constituents risk being damaged or destroyed by these discharges. Our superior packaging material will protect your products from:

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Electrical breakdown / dielectric breakdown
  • Exterior damage (to delicate surface areas)
  • Interior damage (caused by vibrations)
  • Dust and debris


Why Choose Maco PKG for Electronics Packaging?

Maco PKG offers a complete inventory of electronic packaging solutions. Most of our products are available to meet either commercial or Military Specification forms. Whether you’re looking to adjust your budget and time constraints, or looking for a custom design, Maco can do it all.

How Electronics Packaging Works

So how does it all work? Well, we’ve partnered with multiple clients in the electronics field over the years and have designed and mass-produced all forms of electronics packaging. We offer barrier bags, poly bags, sheets, etc. that feature the Faraday Cage Effect.

The Faraday Cage Effect allows our materials to block external static and electrical fields from reaching your product. Our packaging protects your product by channeling electricity throughout the external layer of our material. The electricity within the cage (your product) will be unaffected by the electrical field that’s being conducted outside of the cage. It’s really pretty awesome. Who knew so much science could go into packaging?