Flexible Packaging

We Are Well Equipped to Customize Packaging to Suit Varied Application Needs

Sciencetechnology, and art. Packaging is when these three studies blend together to create a marketing masterpiece. That’s why, at Maco PKG, we love what we do. We keep up with ever changing industrial trends and provide a strong packaging division, bringing you a complete flexible packaging solution.

What Is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging represents a dynamic and innovative approach to packaging; an evolution from traditional, rigid formats, offering a versatile and efficient solution for modern packaging needs.

The flexibility of these packages lie not just in its physical properties but also in its adaptability to a wide range of products and industries, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and industrial goods.  Our Flexible Packaging unit is committed to providing bags, pouches and custom solutions for all needs. We are well equipped to customize packaging to suit varied application needs. The appeal of flexible packaging is rooted in its ability to provide protection and prolong the shelf life of products, while also being lightweight and reducing material usage, thereby embodying both practical and environmental advantages.

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How is Flexible Packaging Made?

The packaging process is a blend of art and science, requiring collaboration between our team and yours. At Maco PKG, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of creating flexible packaging solutions that blend functionality with sustainability.

The process of creating flexible packaging involves a series of steps that transform basic materials into the versatile, durable products used in a wide range of industries.

Plate Making

Creating flexible packaging starts here, with plate making. This process involves developing a high-precision printing plate that holds the design to be printed on the packaging material. The accuracy and quality of the plate directly influence the clarity and crispness of the printed design, making this step critical to get right if you want to achieve a high-quality product.


Printing is where the packaging begins to take on its distinctive appearance. Utilizing advanced printing technologies available to Maco PKG, your design and text are transferred onto the packaging material. This process demands attention to detail to ensure that the colors are vivid, the text is legible, and the overall visual appeal aligns with the brand’s identity.


Lamination follows, adding both functional and aesthetic value to the packaging. This process involves bonding multiple layers of materials together, enhancing the strength, barrier properties, and overall durability of the packaging. It plays a vital role in preserving the quality and freshness of the packaged product, especially before it gets pulled into a roll for further production.

Roll Making Process

The roll making process is where the materials – now printed and laminated – are converted into large rolls. These rolls are then processed through what is called a slitting machine. This machine ensures that any excess material is removed from the roll of bulk packages, preventing rough edges or burrs on your packaging.

Quality Inspection

At this stage, the packages are ready for quality inspection to ensure they made it through the printing process properly. The packaging undergoes rigorous human-checks to ensure it meets the set standards of Maco PKG. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the product and upholding your brand’s reputation.

Bag Making and Pouch Making

Bag and pouch making is where your packaging finally takes form. Depending on the final product requirements, the packaging material is cut, shaped, and sealed into bags or pouches. This process is highly customizable, allowing you to select a range of sizes, shapes, and features such as zip-locks or spouts.

Why Be Flexible?

Why should your business invest in flexible packaging with us? Beyond regulation reasons, flexible packaging with Maco PKG can benefit your company in many ways. Flexible packaging with Maco can:

  • help you launch a new brand
  • update your current packaging
  • refine your brand’s awareness
  • increase your product’s “purchase appeal”

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Common Bag Shapes in Flexible Packaging

The variety of bag shapes available to you through Maco PKG is extensive. We tailor each product type to suit different products and consumer needs. The design of these bags is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a thoughtful integration of functionality, user convenience, and efficient use of space.

Here are some common bag shapes that are widely used across various industries:

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are a popular choice in flexible packaging due to their ability to stand upright on shelves and enhance product visibility to customers while they are shopping. These pouches often come with features like zippered locks, or locking spouts that make them user-friendly and resealable. These stand-up pouches are ideal for products like snacks, pet food, and liquids, offering a sturdy base and an appealing display.

Flat Pouches

Flat pouches are often used for lighter and smaller items that don’t need to take up a significant amount of shelf space. Their simplicity and minimal material usage make them a cost-effective packaging solution. This type of pouch is most often used for single-serve items, sample packs, or products that do not require the support of a stand-up pouch.

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted bags have expanded sides or bottoms, allowing them to hold more product and stand better on shelves while adding a layer of rigidity or durability. They can be either side-gusseted or bottom-gusseted. Side-gusseted bags expand at the sides, offering increased capacity, while bottom-gusseted bags provide a solid base for the product to sit on. These are frequently used for bulky products like coffee beans, rice, or pet food.

Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches are an innovative packaging format, particularly for liquids, gels, or baby foods. These pouches come with a resealable spout and cap, offering convenience and ensuring product freshness. Most often considered ideal for beverages, sauces, cleaning products, and even personal care items such as shampoos and soaps.

We Provide Quality, Cost-Effective Flexible Packaging Materials

Increasing customer demand and the competitive market has motivated us to present you with the most cost-effective and quality packaging. The materials used in flexible packaging are selected based on the product’s needs and the desired properties of your packaging.

Commonly used materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester, each offer distinct qualities like moisture resistance, strength, and clarity.

Additionally, materials like aluminum foil may be used for their barrier properties, and paper for its aesthetic and sustainable qualities. The choice of materials is a balancing act between functionality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Some of the manufacturing materials we use include:

  • polyester
  • polythene / polyethylene (PE)
  • paper
  • metalized film
  • release-coated films
  • anti-static films
  • conductive films
  • nylon films
  • cellophane
  • PLA (polylactic acid)
  • biodegradable PE
  • biodegradable laminations
  • multi-layer adhesive laminations
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We Offer Reliable, User-Friendly Flexible Packaging for All Industries

We understand that you rely on us not just for packaging, but for packaging that protects, preserves, and presents your products in the best possible way. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we are dedicated to delivering flexible packaging solutions that are as innovative as they are effective. Our competitive manufacturing unit creates flexible packaging with precision, which makes our products highly reliable and user-friendly. Our collection of bags and pouches is available at affordable prices and provides an effective solution to all your industrial packaging needs. Large, medium, or small, we supply flexible packaging to all types of industries including medical and organic.

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Convert Materials into Custom Bags, Pouches & More!

If you need bags, pouches, or custom solutions, we have the right packaging for you. If you’d like to learn more about our custom solutions, request a quote from us or explore some of the possibilities. At our facility, we pride ourselves on transforming raw materials into high-quality, bespoke packaging solutions that meet your needs.

From stand-up pouches that command attention on the shelf to flat pouches designed for efficiency and economy, we create packaging that resonates with your brand’s identity. With options like resealable closures, easy-tear notches, and transparent windows, our bags and pouches are not just containers for your products; they are a part of the customer experience. A few of our flexible packaging products include:


  • ESD-electro static discharge bags
  • Poly bags
  • Barrier bags
  • 3-D shrouds
  • Contour shapes
  • Double wall bags
  • Valved fitment bags
  • Wicketed bags


  • Form, fill & seal
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Zipper pouches
  • Valve pouches

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