Our capabilities extend beyond your typical packaging company. With state-of-the art equipment, we create new and functionally unique prototype packaging even during the initial stages of production.

Maco can…

  • Design a hand-crafted flexible packaging prototype sample
  • Provide any number of production grade samples
  • Test prototypes before manufacturing larger runs
  • Provide samples that can be used for tradeshow giveaways
  • Analyze existing problems and find functional solutions

Why We Create Free Samples from Prototype Packaging

During the prototype stage, we build your package to adhere to the specific requirements of your product, whatever they may be. We manufacture prototype packaging samples in small amounts to better analyze your product. As we inspect these samples, we ensure…

  • the chosen material is the most practical option
  • the packaging looks professional and engaging
  • your product is completely protected from contamination
  • the packaging serves its specified purpose
  • your product appeals to the end-user
prototype packaging

Get taylor-made products that meet your specific needs using commercial or military spec laminations.

As we experiment with the packaging to achieve your desired effect, we record the details along the way to better the procedure. We focus on streamlining the packaging manufacturing processes, minimizing production time, and reducing material waste. We also think ahead to eliminate errors once your product reaches the production line. Our goal is to save as much time and money as possible.

To Complete the Process

With our in-house research and development team and experienced lab personnel, we can return immediate results on your prototype tests. We either develop new packaging options for you or solve existing problems. Allow our innovative packaging development team to apply their many years of experience and creativity to work for you. Obtain a free sample of your custom design (provided materials are available). Call +1 (315) 226-1008.