Dependable Sourcing Packaging Material

What happens when your product needs to meet strict requirements concerning packaging? That’s when you need a good sourcing agency. Maco PKG excels at investigating, evaluating, and interacting with suppliers of materials that will best suit the needs of your product’s production. Our sourcing packaging materials are recognized as some of the finest in the industry.

We Make Resource-Constrained Packaging Easy

We are highly experienced in procuring resources for items that are constrained to the confines of specific materials. Time and time again, Maco has obtained a variety of materials to satisfy the standards set by Military Specifications and commercial regulations. There’s hardly anything that hasn’t been thrown our way. Nevertheless, we always welcome the challenge of scoping out new sources based on unique standards.

Maco’s Sourcing Process

Our skill with handling sourcing packaging materials allows us to avoid missing deadlines and unnecessary costs. Maco PKG’s sourcing teams collaborate with you to learn about your product. Maybe your item has requirements concerning shelving life, or shelving presentation, or perhaps it’s sensitive or vulnerable during shipping, handling, and storaging. We identify the shape, structure, and components of your item, and make note of the requirements set by you, your market, or ones we might discover.

After a sufficient analysis, we start researching and contacting material suppliers for proper materials. Sometimes finding the right supplier is easy. However, sometimes we need to test out several different materials in order to find the best possible solution to fit your product. Either way, we save your company time by accomplishing this work. While we’re sourcing, you can focus on the core of your business.

Benefits of Sourcing Packaging Materials

Besides the ones mentioned above, sourcing with Maco PKG gives you many benefits. We improve the standardizing of your business processes by targeting your expenditure on the right suppliers. Avoid common packaging process limitations by choosing our industry-neutral sourcing team. We work with an array of industries around the globe – so our sourcing capabilities reach beyond the limits of related materials. Choose Maco PKG for the best sourcing options for your item’s packaging.