Maco PKG’s custom designed packaging protects high quality dental products at very competitive prices. We lead the world with our high-class dental bags. If we don’t already have your desired bag or pouch on our line, we customize packaging to match your specific requirements.

We manufacture dental equipment quickly and efficiently. We prioritize your needs in order to meet your objectives in a timely fashion. In addition, we can store your dental products in our warehouse for a limited time.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we emphasize both customer satisfaction and legal regulations for dental equipment. Quality and consumer contentment comes first. We continually update our procedures to ensure we incorporate the latest and most cost-effective stages of production. Maco ensures quality products that protect the health of end users. Maco PKG participates in Good Manufacturing Practice.

Since we prioritize customer satisfaction, we want our products to be as user-friendly as possible. For example, our linear tear film, a custom-designed supple material, is easily opened by tearing the film apart. And when manufacturing a wide range of our infection control products necessary for proper dental handling, we consider the safety of the end user.

dental packaging