The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Food Packaging

guide to food packaging

There are numerous things manufacturers need to accomplish with food packaging. The package needs to naturally state what the product is and convey information about the company. However, it also needs to contain materials related to regulations, protection requirements and shelf life. There is a lot to take care of, but it is essential to sell products.

To effectively create packaging, you need to know the product inside and out. This involves knowing all the ingredients and what preservatives are necessary to keep the item fresh. Consumers also need to know about any allergens, especially if the product was made in a factory that contains shellfish, dairy or nuts.

Personality of Brand

You should know exactly what demographics your product needs to market to. This will influence what kind of food packaging you need, so your item will catch that market’s attention in a store. For example, green colors promote nature, which is great for all-natural or vegan products. Red is a highly useful color for all foods because it gets people’s metabolisms moving and inspired boldness.

Market Trends

For inspiration, it helps to see what other companies are using for their packaging. One important trend that will likely remain popular for years to come involves eco-friendly packages. It can significantly work to your advantage to use a package that can be recycled, so your business comes across as one consumers can trust.


You need to consider how much food packaging will cost before you manufacture the product in earnest. Between packaging, distribution, shipping and the cost of the product itself, you want to make sure you can still turn a reasonable profit. By knowing how much the package will cost first, you can allocate funds to labor and materials accordingly.

Protective Packaging

Finally, you want to make sure the package you select will be able to adequately protect the item inside. You want to ensure the food inside will remain fresh for as long as possible. Dry and frozen items will require different packages, and it is vital to select a covering that will withstand contamination. It is recommended to work with a packaging professional to ensure you choose a combination that works ideally for your needs.

While you need to adequately inform consumers of what your product consists of, it is also vital to have fun and be creative during the process. You can request a quote from us by providing the quantity, material, style and size of the food packaging you are interested in.