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Maco Pkg Partners with Dow to Bring PacXpert to North America

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Maco Pkg Partners with Dow to Bring PacXpert to North America


Newark, NY – Maco Pkg is partnering with The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow) to manufacture PacXpert™ Technologies—an innovative form of flexible packaging that is changing the landscape for retail shelves and wholesale packaging.  The partnership will address the growing demand for convenient and sustainable packaging solutions in North America. Read More

A Powerful Product Receives Powerful Packaging

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Badass Power Cookie

When the Badass Power Cookie was first created, corporate owners were not convinced this nutritious yet delicious seaweed-baked cookie could survive in retail.

How Can a Cookie Pack a Punch?

Because the cookie contains spirulina, a blue-green algae filled with vitamins and nutrients, it has a bright, emerald green color – a factor that could deter potential buyers. The product needed packaging that could restore its aesthetic and visual appeal. The CEO conducted extensive research to find a packaging company that was attentive to specific needs and details.  Read More

Why Flexible Packaging is Clearing the Shelves

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Stand-Up Pouches | Flexible Packaging

Why does flexible packaging continue to overwhelm the packing industry? Several key factors have played a significant role in the rising level of popularity for flexible packaging since it first hit the market.

Flexible vs. Rigid Packaging

This innovative type of packaging provides an economical alternative to traditional rigid packing. Using only 25% of the plastic used for its rigid counterpart, it weighs 70% less than rigid containers. Most product owners find that it’s easy and affordable to ship both domestically and overseas. It also provides more options for design, including the stand-up feature that offers eye-catching print options, billboard effect marketing, great product appeal, and space management. Read More

Organic Packaging to Support your Organic Declaration: Part 1

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What is Organic Packaging?

According to the ITC (International Trade Center) and the WTO (World Trade Organization),

Organic Packaging

“The word organic is regulated both through international standards and through individual domestic regulations. These regulations include requirements on the production, processing and labeling of organic food.”

Food products described as “organic” are expected to have been produced holistically to standards which aim at achieving agro-ecosystems that are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. The production system — processing and packaging — should be sustainable to create environment-friendly, high quality products. Read More

Maco’s Poly Bags Guard Against Contaminants

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Poly bags are one of the most popular forms of flexible packaging. They guard against airborne contaminants like dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria. In addition, they protect products from electrostatic electricity, which is why many packaging companies use poly bags to package electronics like iphones, smart phones, ipods, and other delicate items.

Materipoly bagsal

Poly bags are made from PolyEthylene, man-made plastic capsules of resin commonly found in plastic containers, food packaging, and toys. The plastic contains a repeating molecular structure that dictates its density, or strength. Each pattern is called a polymer. If the polymers are widely spaced apart, the plastic has a low density and will form a flimsier poly bag. Likewise, if the polymers are more tightly spaced, the poly bag will have a higher density.

Uses for Poly Bags

The purposes of poly bags vary depending on the density. High-density poly bags protect machinery, furniture, weapons, and auto parts. Packaging companies use both types for dry food such as nuts, candy, and powdered mixes; office supplies like paper clips, erasers, and thumbtacks; chemicals like rat poison and fertilizer; large objects like firewood, ice, and vacuum bags; and even larger objects like trash cans and furniture.


The material for the first poly bags came about in 1862 when Alexander Parkes presented it in London during the Great International Exhibition. Parkes manipulated a natural form of cellulose by first heating it and then forcing it into a permanent shape as it cooled. The material for plastic is composed mostly of natural gas and petroleum. The term “poly bags” didn’t become popular till a decade later when petroleum became more common.
Maco PKG has provided high-quality poly bags that follow ISO 9001:2008 standards and boast the SQF Quality Supplier badge. Call us at +1-315-226-1000 or visit our website at https://www.macopkg.com/contact-us/ if you have any questions. Give us a chance to impress you!

Barrier Bags Protect Your Products

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Barrier Bags MIL-DTL-117 and MIL-PRF-131kMaco Pkg’s barrier bags, one of the most effective packaging solutions on the market today, prevent products from damage. They provide a barrier from humidity, moisture, oxygen, aromas, grease, electrostatic charge, airborne contaminants and debris. We stock a variety of film laminations that are moisture proof, vapor proof, grease proof. Our barrier bags and pouches meet or exceed the following Mil-Specs: MIL-PRF-121, MIL-PRF-131, MIL-PRF- 81705D, MIL-PRF-22191, MIL-PRF-131k.

We at Maco Pkg proudly manufacture barrier pouches in America alone. We customize our packaging in all shapes and sizes. Capabilities include but are not limited to: Flat Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Side Gusset Bags, Die Cut Pouches, 3D Bags, Shrouds, and Custom Width Barrier Roll-Stock. Maco’s barrier packaging can incorporate notches, zipper closures, lip and tape closures, and compartment seals. Bags and pouches made from our materials meet or exceed the United States Military Standard (MIL-DTL-117) requirements.

Why are our Barrier Bags so Popular?

When our customers consider barrier packaging, we prefer to speak with them first to recommend the best material for each project. We take into account several factors that will determine material selection and construction of each bag or pouch. Some of these factors include the product, the end use, the environment it may encounter, dimensions, storage conditions, intended duration of storage, and your internal specification. Your satisfaction and project success are our #1 concern!

Thinking of going green with your barrier bags? Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint and find more sustainable options? Barrier bags help reduce the production of greenhouse gases. On average they consume less energy from cradle to grave. Ask your sales representative about the newest technological advances in biodegradable barrier films. We want to protect the next generation with the decisions we make today!

Maco specializes in enthusiastic and proactive support in all aspects of the packaging process. Located in Newark, New York, we operate in a modern, 250,000 square foot facility with the highest standard quality systems. Our certifications include: SQF 2000 Level 3, ISO9001:2008, Organic, and Kosher. Give us an opportunity to protect what is important to you!