A Powerful Product Receives Powerful Packaging

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Badass Power Cookie

When the Badass Power Cookie was first created, corporate owners were not convinced this nutritious yet delicious seaweed-baked cookie could survive in retail.

How Can a Cookie Pack a Punch?

Because the cookie contains spirulina, a blue-green algae filled with vitamins and nutrients, it has a bright, emerald green color – a factor that could deter potential buyers. The product needed packaging that could restore its aesthetic and visual appeal. The CEO conducted extensive research to find a packaging company that was attentive to specific needs and details. 

Local Packaging Company Offers Barrier Packaging

packaging company


Eventually she met a local food packaging company, Maco PKG, who she found to be personable and extremely helpful. Maco PKG is responsible for the cookie’s Superhero foil packaging. This food packaging company provided not only the essential (and attractive) foil packaging, but also valuable contact information that helped the power cookie establish a place in retail. 

The Badass Power Cookie can now be purchased online and in select food markets. As they seek to extend the line of flavors, the manufacturers are already brainstorming how Maco pkg will customize additional packaging for them (maybe even additional flavors).