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Creative Challenges in Organic Food Packaging

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Organic food producers are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to marketing because they are competing on two different fronts: non-organic food producers on one side and fellow organic producers on the other.

The packaging must not only present the food in an appealing way but also in a way that’s in line with the organic food industry’s reputation for wholesomeness and purity. Generally speaking, organic packaging should reflect the ethos of its producer.

Here we will examine some specific qualities that organic packaging can include in order to combine sales appeal with integrity. Read More

Organic Packaging to Support your Organic Declaration: Part 1

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What is Organic Packaging?

According to the ITC (International Trade Center) and the WTO (World Trade Organization),

Organic Packaging

“The word organic is regulated both through international standards and through individual domestic regulations. These regulations include requirements on the production, processing and labeling of organic food.”

Food products described as “organic” are expected to have been produced holistically to standards which aim at achieving agro-ecosystems that are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. The production system — processing and packaging — should be sustainable to create environment-friendly, high quality products. Read More