Why You Should Consider Maco Pkg To Handle Your Packaging Needs for Organic Products

organic packaging

Product owners understand how carefully they must choose the right food packaging. If you sell an organic or Kosher product, the choice becomes even more critical. Packaging affects how well your food sells on the store shelves. Flexible packaging can help you increase the appeal of your organic and Kosher claims.

Check out a few definitions that may help you better understand these types of packaging:

Co-packer – A contract company that will manufacture and package your products for you. They also work under contract with their clients to fill the packaging with product, market, and distribute.

Organic – Your organic products, which are free from fertilizers, pesticides, and other additives, will be handled, packaged, and manufactured through a process that adheres to strict guidelines set in place by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO).

Kosher – This type of certification is based on both food chemistry and Jewish law. For your product to be Kosher, a team of food professionals will track each ingredient throughout the entire process. This includes during manufacturing, sealing, shipping, and packaging. During packaging, a Kosher food safety program is implemented.

If you claim that your merchandise is either organic or Kosher, you should consider using organic or Kosher co-packing. Doing so will only support your claim and is more likely to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Improve Marketing and Sales With Flexible Packaging

Packaging helps your product sell once it reaches store’s shelves. If a consumer is trying to decide whether or not they want to purchase your merchandise, the package can sway them one way or another. Flexible packaging can help increase your sales in three main ways:

  1. Appearance

The overall look and design of your packaging can determine whether or not a consumer even notices your product. Maco Pkg’s flexible packaging is appealing to the eye and can be customized to fit your exact needs. It offers a billboard effect once on the store shelf.

  1. Security

Effective packaging will keep its product secure, both during shipping and while in the consumer’s possession. This will decrease returns while boosting customers’ perception of its quality. Flexible packaging is both reliable and user-friendly.

  1. Environment Friendly

Packaging that is sustainable/recyclable can be more easily marketed to those who are environmentally conscious and will help consumers feel better about your product. This is why organic co-packing is so important, especially for companies who want to target that specific audience.

Choose Maco Pkg as Your Co-packer

To view Maco Pkg’s certifications or to learn more information, visit our facility page. If you are ready to give your product the package that it deserves, contact us today to request a consultation.