Organic Packaging Part II; Exceeding Standards to Support your Organic Declaration

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Last article we set the scene for organic packaging, explaining what it means and the importance of following official standards. Now we’re going to discuss the different aspects of packaging for organic food so that you know what to expect when you’re ready to package your organic package.

What Should You Consider When Evaluating Organic Packaging?

Organic Packaging

Flexible packaging offers solutions that demonstrate the uniqueness and saleability of the product. The package must contain and preserve a certain quantity of product as efficiently as possible. The contents may be measured by volume, by weight or by number. The information on the label must be correct and conform to the legal requirements according to the FDA.

You also need to consider various shapes and dimensions of the package. The package must protect its contents from external threats including spoilage, breakage, and damage from external environmental conditions (including tampering). Primary, secondary and tertiary packaging must be designed so that the product stays in perfect condition until it reaches the end user. The package must be strong and durable enough to protect the product with a reasonable safety margin.

Introducing Cutting-Edge Biodegradable Materials

Packaging should act as a primary marketing tool for the product, promoting the item at the point of sale. Flexible packaging offers a smaller carbon footprint and can create a billboarding effect on store shelves.

Due to technological advances in polymer additives, today’s market now offers new age, biodegradable materials. These packaging options offer the end user and producer the unique benefit of utilizing materials that support the core principles of organic sustainability.

The package must also attract first-time buyers and build brand loyalty for repeat sales. Combining multiple methods directly impacts the products effectiveness as well as support the claim of being an organic product.

What Should You Ask about Packaging for your Organic Product? You can find the right packaging partners by asking the following questions:
1. Is the facility Certified Organic?
2. Do they hold an Organic License to run products and/or packaging?
3. Who is their accrediting body?

Organic Packaging

4. Do they follow good manufacturing and handling practices?
5. Can your product be handled/filled/packed by machine?
6. What are the physical properties of your product?
7. Could the product be modified for easier packing without affecting its taste or character?
8. Are there detailed mechanical and technical specifications for every element of packaging?
9. Do the specifications comply with the machine requirements?
10. What certification does my vendor hold and how do they differentiate suppliers?

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