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Would Your Product Benefit From Flexible Packaging?

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Consumer preferences have shifted over the past decade, with more customers than ever preferring simplified packaging that also reduces the waste associated with buying goods. This trend has been especially pronounced in the grocery market, but you can also see a shift toward flexible shipping materials in all kinds of delivery retail services.

If you’re weighing whether you should make the shift to flexible packaging, consider both its advantages and best practices, and consider whether your goods would do better in a flexible container.

What Is Flexible Packaging?
This kind of packaging covers a whole class of materials and construction designs. Simply put, it’s any kind of packaging for goods that can flex and bend during packing and shipping. It can include pouches and bags.

Rigid packaging, on the other hand, includes boxes and case materials, as well as anything else that is built to be sturdy and retain its shape.

What Are the Advantages of Flexible Packaging?
Today’s consumer preferences add additional advantages to flexible packaging, beyond the resilience and strength of its design. Using pouches to deliver soft or flexible foodstuffs like rice, soup mixes, honey, sugar, and dry baked mixes, for example, means delivering the product in a strong but soft container that allows it to absorb jostles and compression by changing shape. For rigid, breakable goods like chips and crackers, care in handling is needed, but flexible materials allow for minimal waste. Additional air can protect from damage by inflating the bag materials slightly, reducing the chance of damage.

Do You Need a Source for Flexible Packaging?
If you’re looking for a packaging supplier who can work with you to find the best flexible packaging options for your products, Maco Packaging can work with you to build the perfect packaging for your product. Contact our team today to request a quote for your custom packaging.

Stand-Up Liquid Packaging That Stands Up to Extreme Temperatures

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We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we also know, logically, that the literal cover of a book makes a substantial difference in the reading experience. If you don’t believe us, imagine the difference between a hard-cover and a soft-cover book. The hard-cover book protects the contents of the book far better than the measly soft-cover, and therefore the reader has a much easier and higher-quality experience using the book.

In a similar way, how you choose to package your liquid products makes a substantial difference in the quality and protection of your product, as well as your consumer’s experience and positive notions of your brand. The proper package for liquid food products ensures that the contents remain uncontaminated.

At Maco PKG, we believe stand-up liquid packaging meets this expectation. We create packages that are visually appealing and easy to use. We have over 80 years of experience in flexible packaging and offer an array of options suitable for food-based liquids including supplements, beverages, and condiments.

Benefits of Stand-Up Pouches for Liquid Packaging

As a cost-effective and efficient way to store a product, it is no wonder that stand-up pouches are a popular liquid packaging option. But using pouches for packaging liquids also protects your product from bacteria and oxidation.

Stand-up pouches are also hassle-free and appreciated by customers. Pouches create a more inviting display and are easy to store on both a store counter and in a pantry at home. The pouches pour out liquids in a clean and measurable manner when they include a spout, and zippers make them re-sealable after an initial opening, thus eliminating the need for users to find another storage option.

You can customize your pouch packaging through prints, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Liquids Packaging

At Maco PKG, we pride ourselves on using technology that can package liquids ranging in temperature from ambient to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. We even have the ability to heat bulk product up to 205 degrees before filling, when necessary.  Packaging a liquid while it is hot is important for:

o Meeting FDA regulations

o Meeting Global Food Safety Initiative regulations

o Avoiding contamination

o Reducing the risk of food safety issues related to spoilage and microbiological growth

We are also equipped to store ingredients under refrigeration while they await conversion so that your product is kept fresh.

With the ability to fill liquids from room temperature to 185 degrees, you can rest assured that your temperature-specific products will be packaged safely and accurately.

Liquid Packaging With Maco PKG

Stand-up liquid packaging is an effective way to market a product. When working with MacoPKG, it is also an efficient method, as we can meet your design and temperature needs. We are also FDA compliant and certified by the International Organization for Standardization and the Safe Quality Food Level Three.

To develop the proper packaging option for your product, our team considers specifications necessary for all the steps, from filling and shipping, to storing and selling. Contact us about your liquid packaging needs.

blister packing

Why Custom Blister Packing Is Great for Medical Supplies and Products

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When plastic or foil is shaped around a product to form an airtight compartment for a single item, it is considered to have blister packing. Blister packing is a clean, dust-free packaging solution.

Blister packing is typically associated with products like batteries and toy cars, but it provides many advantages for medical products as well. Whether you need to package food, filters, or capsules, here are the reasons to consider blister packaging: Read More

organic food packaging

Creative Challenges in Organic Food Packaging

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Organic food producers are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to marketing because they are competing on two different fronts: non-organic food producers on one side and fellow organic producers on the other.

The packaging must not only present the food in an appealing way but also in a way that’s in line with the organic food industry’s reputation for wholesomeness and purity. Generally speaking, organic packaging should reflect the ethos of its producer.

Here we will examine some specific qualities that organic packaging can include in order to combine sales appeal with integrity. Read More

prototype packaging

Why Prototype Packaging Makes a Difference

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Your product’s packaging is more than a simple container. It’s a vital piece of your marketing strategy that connects with consumers and affects the way they view your company, brand message and the product itself. Attractive packaging is powerful. To maximize the effectiveness of your products, prototype packaging gives you major advantages over competitors. Here’s how.

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Cut Costs with Cost-Effective Stand-Up Pouches

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If you’ve been looking for affordable, strong, and aesthetically-appealing packaging that appeals to the masses, you may want to consider PacXpert Packaging Technology.

PacXpert is a cost-effective stand-up pouch, ideal for storing a wide variety of products such as food, condiments, pet products, cleaning products, and more.

If you’ve never heard of PacXpert Packaging Technology, you may be interested in learning more about its award-winning design in ergonomics. Read More

barrier bags

Should I Package My Food Product With Barrier Bags?

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Are you looking for flexible packaging with barrier qualities for your new food product? Barrier bags protect your food product from moisture, dirt, grease, contaminants, UV rays, and more. Consumers often prefer food products with packaging that has appropriate protection so they can rest easy knowing the food product is uncontaminated. As a manufacturer or seller of food products, you not only have to consider your budget to make affordable packaging choices but also select packaging that adequately protects your product inside. If you’re considering using barrier bags, here is some information that could help you make your final decision. Read More

sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging vs. The Environmental Impact of Plastics

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How do plastic bags and flexible packaging affect the environment? Most products can’t avoid using flexible packaging during shipment and storage, so environmental awareness groups pay keen attention to how we address packaging solutions and efforts to create sustainable packaging solutions.

We at Maco Pkg recognize the environmental impact of plastic waste and are actively fighting to improve and increase the use of sustainable packaging. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you use plastic bags and film – many end-users are simply interested to know more about how plastics affect the waste stream. To answer their concerns, we look in the local landfill. Read More

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