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blister packing

Why Custom Blister Packing Is Great for Medical Supplies and Products

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When plastic or foil is shaped around a product to form an airtight compartment for a single item, it is considered to have blister packing. Blister packing is a clean, dust-free packaging solution.

Blister packing is typically associated with products like batteries and toy cars, but it provides many advantages for medical products as well. Whether you need to package food, filters, or capsules, here are the reasons to consider blister packaging: Read More

prototype packaging

Why Prototype Packaging Makes a Difference

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Your product’s packaging is more than a simple container. It’s a vital piece of your marketing strategy that connects with consumers and affects the way they view your company, brand message and the product itself. Attractive packaging is powerful. To maximize the effectiveness of your products, prototype packaging gives you major advantages over competitors. Here’s how.

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“Maco Pkg was our Ideal Packager” ~ Crown Maple

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About a year ago, we needed a co-packer for a new project we were starting, a specialized line of single serve packets for maple sugar and maple syrup. Since they’re unique in the industry, we needed a co-packer company that could accommodate our specific needs.

Maco pkg was the ideal choice as a packaging company for us since they can maintain organic certification, cooperate with our unique needs, and work within our budget.

A major obstacle we had to overcome was the tendency maple syrup has to absorb surrounding odors very easily. Maco resolved all issues with the packaging material to maintain the quality and taste of our product. If there was an obstacle during the packaging process, Maco worked diligently to overcome it.

We had an elegant design for the artwork and Maco executed it well – we’re extremely happy with it. We were also positively impressed during our tour of Maco’s facility. They have a wide range of capabilities and the flexibility to work with customers for unique packaging. We’d recommend Maco on their excellent customer service and their ability to accommodate special needs.

We hope to do more packaging with Maco PKG in the future. They did an exceptional job and we are quite pleased.

Our Custom Contract Packaging Process; From Concept to Consumer

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When Maco PKG accepts a packaging opportunity, we take an indepth look at the scope of work to ensure we can exceed expectations. We individualize our process, depending on your product’s needs, and make packaging your product our priority so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

So How to Begin Custom Contract Packaging?

Custom Contract Packaging

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Every custom contract packaging project begins with a concept, an idea, a distinct goal in mind . When a customer calls, we will discuss the various details of the product–flexible packaging, storage requirements, secondary packaging, scope of work and special consideration. We run through all the necessary validation, ensuring that our facility is well suited for your product and vise versa. We are a diverse food and beverage co-packer, so we will make sure your project fits with the other products running in our facility.

What’s Next?


Once the packaging project is validated, we go through the documentation process. We look into the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to understand how to best handle the materials to protect and ensure the best possible quality. We also will request an ingredients list as well as an allergen statement. This step ensures that we capture a good understanding of your product.

Almost Ready


Maco will work side by side with the customer to help develop a custom contract packaging solution, either flexible or rigid, in case development work is needed. We then ask the customer for a sample of their product for analysis–is it hydroscopic, dry, free flowing, dense? We will run a sample and see how the equipment handles the product. Next, we get the necessary equipment together, acess environmental controls if necessary, and set up a room for those particular packaging specifications.

Get Set, GO!


You have several options for your custom contract packaging. We can custom-blend either liquid or dry ingredients to co-manufacture your product. We are set up to receive ingredients or finished product in a variety of formats, including over the road tanker. We then introduce the product to the line where  the magic of packaging occurs. Regularly throughout the run, our quality team makes rounds to check each product’s individual analytics. Maco has the capability to test for a wide variety of parameter including (but not limited to) PH, brix, water activity, moisture content, color, flavor, tensile, and others. The customer can choose to send in all of the packaging materials and components, or we can acquire these item ourselves.

Maco Pkg offers a 100% quality guarantee.  If you are not happy, we are not happy. We love what we do and we are eager to further explain our process if you’re interested. Call us at +1-315-226-1000 and let’s chat!

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