custom printed poly bags

Valve Bags and Poly Bags | Maco PKG

Commercial, military, specialties – you name it! Maco PKG is known for designing and manufacturing custom printed poly bags and valve bags for many applications. Whether your package has a unique leak proof specification, custom printing, valve fitments, or other specialty-converting processes, Maco can handle it.

So what kind of poly bag do you need? Many of our clients already know what type of bag they’re looking for; however, our clients are pleasantly surprised when they find that we offer so much more than a few categories. Take a look at some of our popular bag options.

3-D Poly Bags

Our 5-sided, 3 dimensional bags are used for a wide variety of markets. Special applications include container liners and equipment covers used to protect products during shipment. 3-D bags are useful for shelving because they can stand up on their own, even if your product inside makes it difficult for common bags to display your brand.

Other Capabilities Include:


Maco has the ability to seal a wide variety of materials including (but not limited to):

  • Low to high-density PE & rubber-modified polymers
  • Co-extrusions & extrusion laminations
  • Release-coated, anti-static, conductive & nylon films
  • Cellophane, PLA, biodegradable PE, and biodegradable laminations
  • Multi-layer adhesive laminations

Design & Produce Your Poly Bags

We customize and manufacture poly bags to suit the specific needs of your product. We have a wide range of bagging capabilities, and we love a new challenge! Explain your individual goals for your packaging and we will serve your needs. We take material constraints into account during the prototyping phase to design a bag that meets your specifications. Properly designed poly bags help you effectively market your product, so give us a call and let’s get started!